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Knuckies® Hoagies was created from the model of award-winning, Boston-based pizza restaurant, Crazy Dough’s Artisan Slice Bar, which was acquired by the Georgia Franchise Group (GFG), led by Todd Broaderick in 2017. Known for its award-winning dough produced by Atlanta-based H&F Bread Company (recently acquired by Engelman’s Bakery), Crazy Dough’s won the World Champion Title for “Best of the Best” at the International Pizza Expo in 2014.

While Crazy Dough’s found short-term success in the Atlanta market, the true value became the dough, from which the team at Knuckies applied to its hoagie roll. This roll recipe became a massive hit among Atlantans. Knuckies includes premium deli meats and cheeses to complete the delicious roll.

Knuckies® Hoagies officially launched on August 19, 2019 with the opening of the first location in Milton, GA. The Milton location has become the model storefront for franchised locations, which is adaptable to meet specific storefront sizing requirements with a scalable footprint ranging from 500 to 1,500 square feet.

In addition to its signature hoagies, Knuckies® Hoagies offers cheesesteaks, pressed Cubans, premium hot dogs, salads, soups, and desserts. Knuckies® introduced cheesesteaks as a menu addition in August of 2020. The newly introduced hoagie immediately went to the number two seller, behind the famous #10 The Original Italian. Knuckies® then introduced authentic-pressed Cubans in November 2020, where it has remained a top five menu item every week since.

Now servicing thousands of customers in the Atlanta market Knuckies® Franchising Company, LLC is ready to utilize and grow quickly through the established partnerships with Engelman’s Bakery through the multi-distribution capabilities through the Sysco Corporation. Supporting this growth is a management team with an extensive background in successful franchising and a lean operating model with a track-record of proven success. The Knuckies® Franchise Company, LLC is in a prime position for expansion, ready to bring on motivated franchisees looking to share in the success of the Knuckies® Hoagies family.

The Knuckies Concept

With a scalable footprint, Knuckies® Hoagies is able to adapt its concept to fit most desired locations.

500 - 1,800 SQUARE FEET

Visit a Knuckies® Hoagies store and you will quickly sense the social, community-driven atmosphere that, along with superior products, has helped Knuckies® Hoagies build its strong fan base. Knuckies® Hoagies stores are designed to be visually uplifting and create a feel-good, comfortable experience for guests of all ages. Traditional store fronts range in size from 500 to 1,800 square feet.

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